Wednesday, February 15, 2012

R.I.P. Noah

I met Noah when I was 16. We used to hang out with Tommy C and a truly eclectic cast of punk rock characters behind McKee Tech well into the night drinking beer (until I went edge) and listening to music on a boombox. On Saturdays we would meet up at the ferry to go to Pyramid Club Matinees, On Sundays, we would all meet up at the ferry to go to shows at CBs together. There used to be an awesome photo of the whole SI crew somewhere.. I wish I had that...He was a funny guy and an artist and photographer. It's been 4 years since Noah passed away.... it's hard to believe that...

I hadn't spoken to him in ages, but when I got the news of his untimely passing 4 years ago I was deeply saddened. Noah was a big part of one of the most important time periods of my life.

I hope you're resting well, Noah.

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